Sai Prasad Foods Ltd - Was happy with the response of Sai Prasad Foods Ltd.

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Was happy with the response of Sai Prasad Foods Ltd. Balaji Iyer the Contact person for sai prasad foods Ltd gave a prompt reply and action for few of my suggestions.

i have used sai prasad food products like sai prasad feel good tea, sai prasad Mango pickles food, sai prasad mix jam, sai prasad kismis.

Sai Prasad Pickles

Sai Prasad Pickles are available in 200gm, 5kgSai Prasad pickles gives Indian traditional flavour.Sai Prasad pickles ingredients are fresh and may be made from best mangoes. Sai Prasad pickles have a different taste

Things to be improved for sai prasad picklesPackaging is good but needs to be improved, detailed description to be given, Sai prasad pickles need to be available in 500 gm, 1kg.

Sai Prasad Feel Good TeaSai Prasad "Feel Good" Tea in 200 gm, 1kg 5kg and10kg.Sai Prasad "Feel Good" gives a pure assamese blend.I found the taste to be better than the other tea powders i.e uniqueSai Prasad "Feel Good" price is minimum in its category.

Sai Prasad Tomato KetchupOnly Sai Prasad Foods tomato ketchup gives pure traditional Indian taste with purity & vacuum packing which makes it real and pure.As per the details on the cover Sai Prasad Foods Tomato ketchup which consists of vitamin "˜c' and good source of fibers.Sai Prasad Tomato Ketchu-p packaging was great

Things to be improvedI found the price of the Tomato Ketchup on the Higher side.

Other Sai Prasad Products which are in the market which i am thinking of trying are Sai Prasad Chilly PowderSai Prasad Haldi PowderSai Prasad Dhania PowderSai PRasad Garam Masala.

Review about: Positive Experience.



sir,I have an account in ur money is save. plz.tell me

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